I guess it's only fair i'll do this comment in english, german would be too hazardous. Big tanks for all the lovely mails. I've had a lovely couple of days. I'll enumerate the moments that gave me extra powers. First of all i started changing things around my house. Rather physical work but nonetheless really rewarding. I'm making a bigger working space as whenever I don't film i feel like painting or sawing or whatever. Actually, I feel like I'll never get a new project so I'd better make a living in another way. Be a seamstress! Then a couple of days ago i assisted to my friend art class at the american school and i was really impressed by her work and by the open sea of little personalities. One could almost guess what would happen to each and every of them and that was beautiful and yet a little scary. Also i purchased some beautiful "chair-one"s from Magis via Intro. Iuhuu! And in the end, the film gave me an impressive amount of new visitors and that made me really happy. Childish, huh? So I've had a good week. If you've missed the film you could see it again today at 16.15. Enjoy!

Paper wallet for friend. It lasted more than any of us expected and it looks pretty as well. Chihihi!